The Ignited Soul Experience

MOTHERS.... Discover the Art of Self-Acceptance, The Power of the Journey Inward


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The Call for Mothers

Do you hear the whisper in your soul, to embark on this online adventure and be a founding member of the Ignited Soul Experience?

Self-acceptance doesn't always come naturally or easily..... Here at The Ignited Path, we know the way...... You haven't tried everything until you've tried The Ignited way!

Are you ready to explore your inner world, using sexual energy as the alchemy to integrate the changes in your body as you move through the mental, and emotional struggles of the burnt-out feeling, the exhaustion, and the overwhelm that motherhood often throws us into as women.

The Ignited Soul Experience is a group coaching program and an online experiential adventure that evolves with you, so that you have a say in what is most relevant to you at this stage of your journey inward.

That's one of the perks of being a founding member... YOUR voice is heard!

It's online, so you have the privacy of your own home, and it fits into your schedule to do the practices I teach you.

This allows you freedom to explore each week's module at your pace. You can feel more sensations in your body and know what it means to be connected in your body  and safe place where sexuality is no longer separate from every other part of your life.

It becomes the Ignited light that radiates from within.


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Alchemy is the romantic word for transformation, when using sexual alchemy side effects may include: stronger, longer, and more orgasms, throughout your body.  Deeper connections within all the relationships in your life and  meeting new friends you didn't even know were missing from your life.

A seven week online experience to journey through your inner worlds, Discovering the art of self-acceptance as you integrate this new way of being into your body.

Using sexual energy as alchemy, mind/body wisdom, and ancient knowledge Mothers can begin to heal and transform their patterns of burn-out, exhaustion, disconnect, & self-doubt.... into  energized, lit-up, connected and ready for anything life throws her way.

Learning how to Integrate the lost or hidden pieces of yourself, at the end of the seven weeks you will have a strong foundation in the cycles of energy.  You will be able to look within yourself to re-frame any situation that keeps you feeling stuck and dis-empowered, and come to understand how committing to self-growth is the most effective way to move with the chaos of being in the thick of the motherhood journey and till keeping yourself the ignited woman you choose to be..

Self-acceptance is inevitable when you choose The Ignited Path.


  • limited number of LIFETIME SPOTS into this program 
  • you'll get to be a member for the life of the program without ever paying a monthly fee like everyone else.    
  • A seven weeks program
  • various types of practices that are given weekly. short and geared towards a mother’s busy time-strapped schedule. (15-20 min)
  • weekly resource and theory to accompany the practices
  •  a weekly  group call.
  • Facebook community to connect with peers, address concerns or improvements, share what your experiencing and finding
  • a handful of my Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaching peers who also happen to all be mothers themselves, contribute their stories of how they have integrated the practices and tools of embodied sexual self care  that support them in their own motherhood journeys. (inspiration & connection)
  • At the end of the seven weeks you will have a strong foundation in the cycles of energy. You will be able to look within yourself to re-frame any situation that keeps you feeling stuck and dis-empowered, and come to know & understand at the body level that strengthening your commitment to personal growth and mastering the self is a much better map than talk therapy alone.
  • BONUS: As a founding member you will receive 50% off any future products, services, or live events I offer.... for the lifetime of this business.


  • 7 weeks.  The program is yours for as long as the internet lives!
  • you will have entrance to the course app upon purchase.but each module will be locked until it's appropriate week.
  • the Foundation videos are ready when you join,  so you can get started setting your intentions.
  • Welcome

  • Foundations of the Ignited Soul Experience 

Energies, The Map & 4 Step Process

  • Module 1: Awaken the Sensations

Sensations give us a very concrete way to interact and listen to our bodies. Learn about the felt sense and the magic of the 5 senses.

  • Module 2: Sensual Soul Journey

Explore the sensual side of movement of the body

  • Module 3: Wild Soul Journey     

Freedom of expression,let the dance of life burn through fears and the pain 

  • Module 4: Restorative & Rejuvenating Soul Journey

The softer side, the stillness, processing the love & grief of life

  • Module 5:Radiant Soul Journey

Radiating the flavors of our sexual energy and  soul, through different mediums

  • Module 6: Retrieval & Reclaiming Soul Journey

into the darkness with our eyes wide open. the mind opens and receives.

  • Module 7: Pleasure Exploration Journey

let our imaginations out to play,meet the observer of transcendane