MOTHERS.... What does it really take to reclaim, reignite, & reconnect to the sensual woman inside of you?



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Find the clarity you've been looking for, so you confidently commit to reigniting & reclaiming your sensual sexual self!

If you go out into your life and you just have the physical tools, & techniques..... to reigniting your sexual desire as a way to heal burn-out, exhaustion & disconnection...... but you don't begin to look at this "Inner Journey'.... you don't begin to look at the emotional, mental, soulful, spiritual side of sexuality.... you may struggle like I did, when my body woke my mind up..... annnnd I definitely don't want that for anyone. So I created this audio series as a place to begin and come back to over and over again on your journey.


Cori's Journey

I struggled to understand why my sexuality shut down in the first place I really thought it was just gone for good, that's just how it goes after you have kids. 

I had no idea the exhaustion, burnout, and disconnection I thought was just related to being a mother was even connected to my former sexual self..... it wasn’t until I realized how much I really didn’t know and that it was actually me limiting my own growth by staying resistant to exploring less explored paths of healing.... Healing I didn't even know was healing until my world started to shift..

I had to uncover my blind spots, those limiting beliefs, those things that were getting in the way and holding me back from growing into the woman I always wanted to be.

What helped me through the times of immense struggle always came back to mindset, perspective, and my ability to be open minded to new ideas and concepts.

Features & Benefits

This audio only course is designed to let you integrate this training and concepts into your daily routines. You don't have to put your life on hold or think this is another course you need to complete before you can do anything else. Nope.... take 30 minutes here 30 minutes there during your morning routine, while you go for a walk, while you’re waiting to pick the kids up, making supper.... the point being to begin listening and receiving the information, on your time schedule. Listen as many times as you want to pick up the things you missed the first time around.

Listen on the go

Secrets to a successful journey

New perspectives

"Cori has the ability to see paths where none appear, to find a deep truth that all others have overlooked to see the unique and powerful perspective that opens the whole puzzle of a perplexing situation in an instant. I have experienced her wisdom directly as her insights are always based on her lived experience and grounded in her tremendous knowledge of the body and its processes and structure, the mind, and its mysterious hidden places and the emotional and spiritual realms where she has incredibly compassionate approach. Here understanding is both elegant and yet so so profound. I am always grateful for Cori's wise creative guidance and deeply emphatic and supportive spirit"

Harmony Scott
Self-Love, Sexuality, & Relationship Coach


An audio adventure program so that mothers can shift how they think, act, and misbehave like a woman on a mission to unlocking the mysteries of herself..... bridging the gap between the mother in you and the sensual lover in you. Before diving into the embodied practices of reclaiming your sexuality, get your head pointed in the direction of your success, so nothing stands in your way.

You will DISCOVER:

  • Why it is to your benefit to cultivate your own meaning of what a mother is, what a sensual woman is, and how the two really can co-exist together.
  • When change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  • How easy it is  to listen & learn with the seven powerful audio session. Each session ranging from 20-40 min.
  •  Igniting your mind for the sensual side of you to emerge. 



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Session Topics:

Session 1: Igniting The Sensual

Session 2: Energies of the Inner World

Session 3: Step into the Unknown

Session 4: Alchemy of Transformation

Session 5: Backward Thinking

Session 6: The Magic of Re-Framing

Session 7: Success is Inevitable

Session 8: Next Steps



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